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Syd Sane? [06 Jul 2012|10:45am]
Just a few years ago I read that Syd was examined by a psycholgist and was found not mentally ill. Is this true? It would have been quite a surprise!
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My Essay on Syd [03 Feb 2011|12:15am]

I've have just finished writing an article about Syd. You can view it on my blog here:
Syd Barrett: Foundered Genius of Rock and Roll
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Bruises and Butterflies part 5 [26 Jan 2011|10:21pm]

Type: Hetero
Member: Syd
Rating: R (for sexual content and foul language)

I give you the conclusion.
I love you Allison...Collapse )
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Bruises and Butterflies part 4 [26 Jan 2011|10:19pm]

Type: Hetero
Member: Syd
Rating: R (for sexual content and foul language)

God damn you Roger BarrettCollapse )
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Bruises and Butterflies part 3 [26 Jan 2011|10:18pm]

Type: Hetero
Member: Syd
Rating: R (for sexual content and foul language)

Being with Syd, she has never felt so warm and safe.Collapse )
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Bruises and Butterflies part 2 [26 Jan 2011|10:17pm]

Type: Hetero
Member: Syd
Rating: R (for sexual content and foul language)

It's her!Collapse )
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Bruises and Butterflies part 1 [26 Jan 2011|10:09pm]

Type: Hetero
Member: Syd
Rating: R (for sexual content and foul language)

Here's one of five parts to my Syd fanfic that I have posted on floydfanfics.

… but to his discontent she was gone.Collapse )
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New Pink Floyd Community [15 Jan 2011|10:26pm]

Hello, I have recently started a fanfiction community dedicated to the members of Floyd floydfanfics If you love to write fanfics, especially about Syd, you're are more than welcome to join.
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Syd Fanfics [09 Jan 2011|10:15pm]

Hello all. New member here. I was just wondering what the rules where on posting fanfic if any? One got one that's a bit on the X rated side. Plus I'm currently working on another one.
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Hello i'm Freshmeat [04 Jul 2010|12:36pm]

Will what can I say about this community, it's Magnificent  especially the post of Syd Barrett of course. entries are very wonderful filled with details of love and devotion to Syd  Barrett and Pink Floyd. Speaking of Syd Barrett I've been a Fan of his last month and is is a fan, he was filled with imagination and innovation to music he open rock to be different in any way, you don't have to like the blues and sound like a ruff guy on the microphone. you can create something new that everyone will chariest for a lifetime. that's what Syd Barrett did in Music, today's generation there isn't music like that any more.

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Gilmour Bumped into Syd Over the Holidays [23 Dec 2009|10:54am]
II saw this quote on a Syd tribute website:

Gilmour: I last saw him around Christmas in Harrod's. We just said 'hi', you know. I think actually of all the people you've spoken to, probably only Storm and I really know the whole story and can see it all in the right focus. I don't know what Syd thi nks or *how* he thinks. Sure I'd be into going back into the studio with him, but I'm into projects like that anyway. Period

What year did this happen? 

Oh, Goddess, to bump into an old friend trying to live a normal life during the holidays....

Well, Happy Holidays, anyway!
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Connections [20 Jul 2009|03:02am]

 Ok, I have another question for you lovely people to ponder....

The song "Wish You Were here" was obviously written for Syd, as the album is a tribute to him, and many people have very differing interpretations of it. But there are a few lines which I think connect to some of Syd Barrett's own lyrics.

"Cause we're the fishes and all we do, the move about it all we do" from "Terrapin"

"We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year" from "Wish You Were Here"
(pretty much two different ways of saying the same thing)


"Please hold onto the steel rail" and "Skeleton kissed to the steel rail" from "If It's In You"

"Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail" from "WYWH"
(I just thought it was kind of odd that out of all the things he could compare a green field to, he picked a steel rail)


"Send a cage through the post, make your name like a ghost" from "Baby Lemonade"

"Did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?" and "Did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?" from "WYWH"
(Syd's line, I'm speculating, has to do with the money he would get from Pink Floyd royalties in the mail, which kept him from needing to do anything else to earn money, such as playing music again. That kept him in sort of a cage, the cage of his perpetual routine. The ghost bit I'm thinking had to do with his need for the members of the Floyd to just leave him alone, or to forget the painful memories, making them become like ghosts. The "they" Roger refers to could be the drugs Syd had taken so much of, and he blames them for turning Syd's once admirable feelings towards the Floyd to no more than empty, fading memories. In the next line I imagine him to be questioning Syd with "did you give up a background role in the Floyd (or making music in general) for a lead role in your own isolation?")

The last utterance of "wish you were here...." in the song seems kinda funny to me, because Roger got what he wanted, but probably not in the way he was meaning it. Syd actually WAS there at one point during recording, but he still wasn't able to connect in the way that I think the whole band missed...

So what do you guys think? Is there a connection?

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[10 Jul 2009|03:01am]

 So I just got The Madcap Laughs, and I have to say I'm digging it. Especially "Dark Globe", something about that song just makes me shiver. And I don't know if I'm the only one who thinks this or not, but Syd's vocals on this song sound eerily similar to Roger Water's singing on The Wall.

If you all have it or have heard it, what did you think? What are your favorite songs?

Hi, my name is Shelby by the way...
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Syd Through the Looking Glass [02 Jul 2009|10:41am]
Syd Through the Looking Glass

July 6, 2006

I wonder if Syd reflected as if through a looking glass
on a life as a retired musician?

Who knows, dispite Syd's traumatic past in the Floyd Syd's love of children's books apparently remained.

Maybe that was reflected in the only two creative pursuits Syd had left: painting and photography.

Yes, one can argue the Floyd years were for Syd like a mirror reflecting everthing backwards--perhaps distorted--but I won't go there!

In the throes of passage, the next day Syd moved through another looking glass....
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Was Syd in This "See Emily Play" Video? [07 May 2009|10:15am]
Was Syd in this "See Emily Play" video? I heard someone else was in it.
The images are a little grainy and I think the only way we'll know if you bring in a forensic video analyst.

Here is the video via Youtube.

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fan-tribute to Syd [30 Mar 2009|03:19pm]

Hi, fellow PF nuts!)) "Late Night", the biggest Syd Barrett fan forum, started gathering material for the fan tribute to Syd, art/fictional internet fanzine.

We know that there are many talented writers & artists in this community and we want you guys to participate with your creations (fanfiction, old and new, fan-art and anything else Syd-realted that you would like to share with this project).

Thanks in advance!
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Was Syd Biography Book "Lost in the Woods"? [15 Jan 2009|10:47am]
I heard that there is another biography book about Syd Barrett was supposed to be released late last year be it hasn't. It is called "Syd Barrett: Lost in the Woods" do you know when it will come out?
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[06 Jan 2009|07:11pm]


36 icons

Here @ my journal.

Feel free to add! (:

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Happy Birthday, Syd! World's Dumbest Fans 2 or 3 The Television Personalities Story [02 Jan 2009|10:15am]
[ mood | amused ]

World's Dumbest Fans 2(or 3)

Here is a story I am posting in advance for Syd Barrett's birthday January 6th.

Happy New Year!

The format is the TRU TV program "The Smoking Gun Presents: The World's Dumbest..." a show that features a countdown of 20 events usually captured on camera with comedic commentary by celebrities this is a link to their website http://www.trutv.com/shows/tsg_presents/
or via Youtube a clip from their first "Dumbest Fans" episode http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6zf7P8eTRI. This is how a story like this would appear on the series.

"Dishonorable Discharge"


England, the British rock band Pink Floyd was co-founded in 1964 by Syd Barrett who was concidered to be the group's creative genius. By 1968 Barrett couldn't take fame any longer, did too much LSD and had a mental breakdown.

Barrett left Pink Floyd, made two solo albums, then got out of the music business for good! Unfortunately, that didn't stop fans from seeking Barrett out at home! (We see a picture of Barrett freaking out upon seeing a visiting fan.)

Well over a decade later,(the mid '80s) a British band called the Television Personalites
who were also fans of Syd Barrett's had a song out called "I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives" link from YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6zf7P8eTRI

They were selected to be the opening act for Barrett's Pink Floyd successor David Gilmour's "About Face" solo tour.

But here is why the Television Personalities are chosen for our list of "Dumbest Fans": Lead singer Dan Tracey proved to a crowd of thousands that they did indeed "know where Syd Barrett lived" he read Syd Barrett's home address aloud--on stage!

Commentator: If someone doesn't want to be found, DO NOT blab out where they live to the whole world, you dumbass!

2nd Commentator: I wouldn't even give out my mamma's home address let alone a celebrity's!

3rd Commentator: Home address? Good to know, I can go to Syd's home... maybe
rob the place! You should rename this group Band with Stupid Front-Person!

Narrator: For Dan Tracey's conduct unbecoming an opening act and just a random act of plain stupidity the Television Personalities were immediately issued a dishonorable discharge from the "About Face" tour of duty and faced a lifetime of public ridicule.

Last Commentator:

If you are the opening act and you know the home address of a former the band member....keep your mouth shut...everything will be cool. Peace out.

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The City Wakes [18 Oct 2008|11:04am]
Here is a link to the City Wakes: a Tribute to Syd Barrett October 22--November 1 in Cambridge, England.

If you are going can you send us a webcast?

This is my poem for the occasion, don't surprised if I keep revising this entry:

Come yo! To the Syd Festival!

Cambridge celebrates their own! Party together or party alone, take in in the red, orange, gold,of fall!

The City Wakes!

The City Wakes!

The reaction to Syd's passing--hey--wasn't what I anticipated!
Fans used to disturbing at Syd's door,
Syd's free, we're free to speak out more!

July 7, 2006 now Oct 2008.

Today Syd rules, anniverary in its terrible twos!

Roger Waters said:
And that's kind of what I wrote about in Shine On You Crazy Diamond and I still feel that sense of loss. I guess part of me thought when he died in some sense it was a release I think he was deeply unhappy I really do however much people said well he was pottering about in his garden building odd bits of furniture in his house. I can't help feeling there's a part of the extraordinarily creative bit of the psyche that remembers what it was like to be able to function on that level and is distressed by it. Not being able to do it anymore

Nick Mason on "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" session:
"When I think about it, I can still see his eyes, but... it was everything else that was different"

I don't think any of us had seen him in the intervening period. It was indicated pretty clearly to us by the family that Syd found it distressing to be reminded of the old days. So we stayed away.


"I think, looking back on it now, what we should have probably done was just let him go much, much earlier instead of desperately trying to keep the thing going and to keep Syd on side, which did him no good at all."

"Pink Floyd wouldn't exist without Syd. If ever there was a record that marks a period of music history, Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, with Syd's songs, is absolutely part of it. It's something that we never discovered again, not with Rick's or Roger's or David's writing, that sort of whimsical English vein".


Screw the Brylcreem story and Mandrax pills,
magic and music are mad skills!
Recovery unknown, unclear.
Who would you believe over the years?
Mental breakdown, acid-head impaired?

Pink Floyd living large,
David Gilmour in charge,
payday royalty check on its way
Gilmour declared Syd a fair share,
more dough from "Echoes" album Syd take what was owed,
and walk straight home,
finally live alone!

David Gilmour:

( Gilmour was invited to the recording session for the band’s second single ‘See Emily Play', and recalls even then that Syd didn’t recognise him.) ‘He looked through you. He wasn’t quite there.’

"None of us recognised him. Shaved...shaved bald head and very plump".

I lost Syd 30 years ago.

(Gilmour) "[made] sure the money [got] to him all right

Soon Richard Wright was on a due date boat,too)

Richard Wright "Shine on.."
"One thing that really stands out in my mind, that I'll never forget; I was going in to the "Shine On" sessions. I went in the studio and I saw this guy sitting at the back of the studio, he was only as far away as you are from me. And I didn't recognize him. I said, 'Who's that guy behind you?' 'That's Syd'. And I just cracked up, I couldn't believe it... he had shaven all his hair off... I mean, his eyebrows, everything... he was jumping up and down brushing his teeth, it was awful. And, uh, I was in, I mean Roger was in tears, I think I was; we were both in tears. It was very shocking... seven years of no contact and then to walk in while we're actually doing that particular track. I don't know – coincidence, karma, fate, who knows? But it was very, very, very powerful.

The City Wakes!

The City Wakes!

Word from sis,
Don't diss,
sib Rog AKA Syd,
only needing an artist's paintbrush, a hoe, DIY,
and a two-wheel ride.

"If he’s not too busy in the middle of a cosmic reunion jam with Rick Wright you could do worse than let Syd Barrett know there’s a fantastic new single coming out very soon in his honour. Sonically, it’s nothing like his blend of off-kilter psychedelia, but the Trashcan Sinatras have created a luscious and bluesy 6 and a half minutes plus track that’s a worthy contendor for Single of the Year
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