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Happy Birthday, Syd! World's Dumbest Fans 2 or 3 The Television Personalities Story

World's Dumbest Fans 2(or 3)

Here is a story I am posting in advance for Syd Barrett's birthday January 6th.

Happy New Year!

The format is the TRU TV program "The Smoking Gun Presents: The World's Dumbest..." a show that features a countdown of 20 events usually captured on camera with comedic commentary by celebrities this is a link to their website
or via Youtube a clip from their first "Dumbest Fans" episode This is how a story like this would appear on the series.

"Dishonorable Discharge"


England, the British rock band Pink Floyd was co-founded in 1964 by Syd Barrett who was concidered to be the group's creative genius. By 1968 Barrett couldn't take fame any longer, did too much LSD and had a mental breakdown.

Barrett left Pink Floyd, made two solo albums, then got out of the music business for good! Unfortunately, that didn't stop fans from seeking Barrett out at home! (We see a picture of Barrett freaking out upon seeing a visiting fan.)

Well over a decade later,(the mid '80s) a British band called the Television Personalites
who were also fans of Syd Barrett's had a song out called "I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives" link from YouTube

They were selected to be the opening act for Barrett's Pink Floyd successor David Gilmour's "About Face" solo tour.

But here is why the Television Personalities are chosen for our list of "Dumbest Fans": Lead singer Dan Tracey proved to a crowd of thousands that they did indeed "know where Syd Barrett lived" he read Syd Barrett's home address aloud--on stage!

Commentator: If someone doesn't want to be found, DO NOT blab out where they live to the whole world, you dumbass!

2nd Commentator: I wouldn't even give out my mamma's home address let alone a celebrity's!

3rd Commentator: Home address? Good to know, I can go to Syd's home... maybe
rob the place! You should rename this group Band with Stupid Front-Person!

Narrator: For Dan Tracey's conduct unbecoming an opening act and just a random act of plain stupidity the Television Personalities were immediately issued a dishonorable discharge from the "About Face" tour of duty and faced a lifetime of public ridicule.

Last Commentator:

If you are the opening act and you know the home address of a former the band member....keep your mouth shut...everything will be cool. Peace out.
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