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Bruises and Butterflies part 1

Type: Hetero
Member: Syd
Rating: R (for sexual content and foul language)

Here's one of five parts to my Syd fanfic that I have posted on floydfanfics.

Syd stood in front of the club entrance smoking a cigarette while his fellow band members finished setting up their equipment on stage. The sun entwined with the stream of clouds in the sky casting a crimson reflection, nearly bathing the buildings below in a sea of red. The air chilled Syd down to the bone as he struggled to keep his hands from shivering. Unfortunately the ember glow of his smoke did not create much heat to warm his fingertips. He was amazed that his feathery locks didn’t freeze at the tips from mother earth’s icy temper. Roger stuck his head out of the door, “Hey!“ he shouted with a sense of urgency in his voice “We’re about to go on in another ten minutes and you‘re out here smoking a fag!” Syd peered over in Roger’s direction with his emerald eyes half shrouded behind his dark bangs. “Chill mate!” he replied exhaling the smoke, “I’ll be there in a second.” Roger huffed impatiently and slammed the door behind him. Syd turned his head and rolled his eyes, “Asshole.” he mumbled under his breath. “Roger is so uptight about everything,” he thought to himself. “His tickers gonna give out one of these days.”

The band took their place on stage as the masses out front went wild. Fifteen minutes into the performance Syd glances over at the audience. His eyes locked onto a girl standing in the crowd, it was like a ray of bright light cast its radiance upon her. Her porcelain skin and midnight hair glowed beneath the dim lights. Her beauty mesmerized him but he couldn’t help but notice a sad expression in her deep blue eyes. After their performance was finished, Syd packed up his guitar and helped the band dismantle the equipment. By the time they were finished there were still a few people left in the club. He scanned the group to find that girl he spotted earlier… but to his discontent she was gone.

Nick dropped off Syd and Rick at their flat a few blocks down the road from the club and drove away. “Great show lad!” Rick said cheerfully as he and Syd walked through the entrance with their equipment in hand. “We completely rocked their bullocks off!” After setting their instruments in the corner of the drawing room, Rick looked over at Syd and noticed the somber expression on his countenance. “Syd?” Rick said. Syd stared at Rick with his big solemn eyes, “You alright?” There was a pause as Syd cast his gaze to the floor, “I guess... I dunno.” “Well what is it?” Syd looked back up at Rick, “There was this girl there, absolutely beautiful but looked sad. I thought that maybe I would find her after the show but she disappeared.” Rick gave a slight nudge on Syd’s shoulder, “Don’t fret it mate. I’m sure she’ll be at the next show.” The two gentlemen removed their coats and placed them in the hall closet. “Well I’m going to bed,” said Rick, “Goodnight.” Rick walks down the hall towards his bedroom, “ Night.” Syd responded softly with his mind still fixated on that girl. He enters his room and takes his shoes off along with his shirt. After turning off the lights he lied in bed wondering if he will ever see her again.

She appeared before him lying in a field of flowers. That radiant glow he envisioned still had its fix on her and the white sundress she was wearing. His heart thumped hard within his chest watching her bask in the morning sun, she looked so serene. A butterfly had landed on her knee. She leans upward and lets the butterfly glide up to her fingertips. She looks up in his direction with her sparkling sapphire eyes and flashed a beaming smile that nearly made him melt into puddle. He wanted to touch her, lie their with her, hold her close to him listening to her heart beat. He tried to move his legs but they were petrified to the ground. The background began to swirl around him with furious wind thrashing his hair in different directions. He tried to call out to her but his cries were muffled by the roaring winds. He tried to reach out for her but she faded behind the swirling darkness. Syd opened his eyes. His body blanketed in sweat with the moonlight gleaming on the perspired beads clinging to his skin. Syd sat up and turned his head examining his surroundings, he realized that he was back in his room. He looked over in hopes of finding her lying next to him but the bed was empty. He nestled back in the sheets, despondency clasping his face. It was just a dream. A dream he wished that he did not wake up from.
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