Lindsey (lady_ash2112) wrote in syd_barrett,

Bruises and Butterflies part 2

Type: Hetero
Member: Syd
Rating: R (for sexual content and foul language)

The sun shined bright upon the grounds of Kensington Gardens. It was an unusually warm day as opposed to the chill in the air the day before. Children ran through the field giggling and playing games like hide and seek. Various groups of cricket players were out practicing for upcoming matches. Syd sat on a blanket underneath a willow tree feeling the sun’s rays beating against the back his neck. This was his favorite place to occupy and indulge in one of his other passions, drawing. He was occupied with the sketch of his dream last night. Every detail he remembered sprang to life with every intricate line he sketched. Now halfway done with the illustration, he decided it was time for a small break. He peers up and giggles watching the children at play. He turns his head to the right and like a flash of lightening, he blinks and widens his eyes in disbelief as he focused in. “Is it?” he thought to himself with curiosity “It can‘t be! There just a few feet in front of him sat the girl he’d seen the night before sprawled out underneath another willow tree reading a book. “It’s her!” He smiled with adoration. He quickly packs both his sketch book and the blanket in his large canvas duffel bag.

With the sling of the bag holstered over his chest, apprehensive thoughts rushed in and out of his mind as he walks in her direction. “What am I doing?” he asked himself. “What the hell am I going to say?! ‘Hi I’m Syd! I’m that creepy bloke that couldn’t stop ogling you at the show last night.‘” He stops midway through the walk and inhales deeply closing his eyes. “Get a grip Syd.“ he said out loud. “Just be yourself.“ After the conflict with his head settled, he accosts the girl. She sat there still in tuned to her book without noticing Syd studying her features in a captivating trance. “Hi,” he spoke softly. The girl looks up towards Syd with the melancholy expression still plastered in her eyes. “Hi,” she replies back in a monotone voice. “I couldn’t help but notice the book you were reading.” The girl looks at the cover and then back to him inquisitively, “What about it?” To his astonishment, she had an American accent. He never thought he would meet a pretty American girl outside of the major tourist spots. “It’s great to meet another person that likes Shakespeare.” “Oh. Yeah. I love Shakespeare.” Syd continues to keep things flowing while struggling to hold back his unsure thoughts. “I’m Syd.” The girl cocked a slight grin, “Allison.” The name floated through his mind relishing its sound. “Nice name.” he replied with a soft grin. “So um,” he stuttered scratching his head, “Would you like to… ummm… go out for some tea?” There was an earth shattering silence for a brief moment, he prepares his psyche for the impending blow. “Okay,” Allison replied. His heart nearly leaped out of his chest and almost jumped like a little kid but caught himself before causing his own humiliation. Allison turns around to pack up her book and blanket. Syd reaches down to her, “Here let me get that for you.” Allison is stunned by the kind gesture. She never had someone volunteer to help her with anything and with such enthusiasm, “Thank you!”

Syd and Allison sat at an outside table in front of a local teahouse, sipping on English Breakfast and nibbling on scones with jam and clotted cream. “So you’re an American eh?” Syd starts the conversation, pulling out his pack of cigarettes and offers one to Allison. “Yes I am born and raised,” she grabs a stick from his pack. He reaches over to light hers first before his.

“Where are you from?”
“New York”
“Are you living here or on holiday?”
“I’ve been living here for a year now.”

Allison nervously taps the ashes of her cigarette on the table. Her head plagued with mixed emotions. She knew that she would get into serious trouble yet part of her was so intrigued by Syd. She found him incredibly attractive and he gave her something that no man she knew had given her, attention. Syd notices the worried look on her face. “I’m sorry,” he chortles, “I talk to much.” She lets out a nervous laugh, “It’s alright.” She peers down at her watch and leaps up. “Oh shit,” she gasped grabbing her bag in a rut, “I’ve got to go.” Syd raised himself quickly out of his chair as she nervously walked away. “Hey,” Syd shouts. Allison stops in her tracks and turns around to face him. “Would it be intrusive if I asked for your number?” The knots in the pit of her stomach multiplied. She really liked him but struggled to keep the uneasiness of her situation from swelling. She quickly marched forward, pulling out her pad of paper and pencil and swiftly jots down her number. “If you’re gonna call me,” she replies handing him the slip, “Call me between noon and eight.” Before he could say a word, she vanished. Syd sat back down in bafflement with the slip of paper in his grasp.

“Mornin lad!” echoed a voice behind him. Syd turns around to see Rick standing beside him. “So Roger called while you were out. He said that the audience loved us so much last night that we‘re scheduled for another gig tomorrow.” Rick looks down at Syd, noticing that familiar angst-ridden expression he had given him the night before. “So I take it you meet that girl from last night?” “Yeah,” “Well it appears you have her number. Why don’t you call her and tell her about the show tomorrow?” That’s exactly what Syd was planning but he still couldn’t shake that feeling that something seems odd. Why would she be in such a hurry without saying why?

Syd paced back and forth in the drawing room clasping his hands together in an anxious stance as he pondered what to do next. “Good grief lad,” he gasped out loud, “Just call her already.” He reaches over for the phone and tautly dials the number on the slip of paper. He taps his foot, sweat clinging to his hands listening to the dial tone and then a click from the other end. “Hello?” muttered the feminine voice on the other end. “Allison?” he responded. “Yeah.” “Hi it’s Syd.” There was a long pause, “Oh hi.” He was surprised to hear the pleasant tone in her voice like as if she was pleased to hear him. “Listen my band is playing tomorrow night and we’re meeting at the pub after the show. I was wondering if you wanted to join me?” Silence grips the other line, his heart nearly sinks until she responded back, “Sure.” Relief washed over him yet he could sense an uneasy tone in her response.

“I won’t be able to stay long though.”
“That’s alright I should have you home at a decent hour. Meet me backstage at nine o’clock.”
“Okay.” “I’ll see you tomorrow. Goodnight”

He places the phone back on the receiver and backs his head against the wall with a deep sigh.

Syd lies in bed, staring up at the ceiling with a blank expression upon his façade. He hears shuffling down the hall that comes to a complete stop in front of his room. His eyes meet the door, inquiring as to who or what was on the other side. The door slowly opens letting a bright light bathe the walls of his room in a heavenly glow. In the middle of that luster stood a figure cloaked in the shadows. Syd raises himself up with fear and curiosity in his eyes as the shape approaches him in a slow saunter. He grasps the sheets, ready to bolt out the door. He tries to speak but his voice was silenced by his apprehension. His legs bolted to the mattress by some invisible force. Trepidation fills his meek eyes, his teeth chatter as the figure moves in closer to his bed. It emerges from the shadows by the pale moonlight beaming through the window. His eyes widen and his mouth open slightly ajar by the revelation. It was Allison! A sheer purple low cut nightgown plasters her curvy body almost exposing her bosom. Her long midnight hair and porcelain skin glisten beneath the lunar glow. Her deep blue eyes sparkled with an intense hunger hypnotizing him. Standing in front of the bed, she pulls her sleeves down and the gown descends to the floor with a quick drop. Syd ogles the luscious site of Allison’s nude body gleaming in the light, succumbing to his growing erection. She slowly leans forward against the edge of the bed and starts crawling up on top of his legs. The feeling of her engorged breasts and erect nipples against his legs sent an intense spark throughout his entire body. His trembling hands ached to grab and feel them along with every part of her. As soon as Allison approaches the reach of his hands, a bright flash of light jolts Syd’s body, knocking him unconscious.

Syd quickly opens his eyes to reveal a midnight sky splashed with bright stars. He drifts his head slowly to the side, realizing that he is floating on water. He lifts himself up from the buoyant position, treading water to stay afloat. The moon illuminated the sea below casting a reflection upon the ripples. He turns himself around, searching for signs of life. It was silent… too silent. No sounds of calling birds or boat horns echoed in the distance. The only sound gracing his ears was his heavy breathing paired with the rippling water. Sensing a presence behind him, he quickly turns around. In the distance is Allison, floating above the sea with a visible white aura shrouding her like a spirit. She raises her head up towards Syd, tears streaming from her eyes leaving runny trails of eyeliner down her cheeks. She reaches her hands out to him, she cries out but her voice is mute. Studying the movements of her mouth, he makes out exactly what she is repeating, “Help me Syd!” He springs to action and dives forward, swimming as fast as he could. “Allison,” he screams in between strokes. As he closes in on her, a strong force tugs on his foot and he is pulled underwater. Pairs of ghostly hands wrapped around his legs as it dragged him further down. The hands firm grasp slipped and Syd dashes up to the surface. As soon as he gasps for air, he is pulled back down again. Syd thrashes his arms and legs to break free only to be pulled back under again. Muffled screams bellow out of his chest, his body writhing within the vaporous grip as he is dragged further into the watery abyss.

A loud gasp escapes his mouth. Syd sits up clasping his hands against his face panting in terror. His body and the edges of his hair soaked in perspiration. As the frightful sensations subside, he lowers his hands and sighs in relief. He was back in his room and the nightmare had ended.
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