Lindsey (lady_ash2112) wrote in syd_barrett,

Bruises and Butterflies part 3

Type: Hetero
Member: Syd
Rating: R (for sexual content and foul language)

The show couldn’t have come any sooner. Syd looked forward to keeping his mind occupied from the horrific dream the night before. He assisted his fellow bandmates in setting up the equipment on stage. After they finished with the prepartions, Roger stood in front of his compatriots with his arms crossed. “Alright lads,” he bellowed in his motivational tone, “It’s game time. Let’s go.” Rick huddles over Syd as he plugs his guitar into the amp and begins tuning it. “That sod is such a control freak,” Rick whispers, “Wonder what crawled up his arse and died.” A nervous snicker escapes Syd’s lips. “Alright mate?” Rick asks, still sensing that uneasy feeling in Syd. “I thought I heard you screaming last night.” Syd paused, he could not bring himself to confess to Rick about the dream. “It’s nothing,” he snapped, standing up with the guitar holstered over his shoulders. Rick shrugs, “Okay if you say so,” walking back to his keyboards. I’m sorry Rick. I wish I could tell you but I don’t understand it myself. Syd peers across the crowd. Out of the corner of his eye stood Allison waving at Syd. He smiles and waves back to her, so exultant to see that she made it.

After the crowd dissipated and their gear packed up, Syd hankers behind the stage anxiously waiting for his dream girl to arrive. Sitting on the steps to the stage he looked at his watch, five until nine. Not a minute passes when Allison emerges behind the stage. Syd leaped off the step and skips towards her with a beaming grin clasped across his lips. “Good morrow fair lady,” he replies in a lord’s tone giving her a gracious bow. Allison grinned bashfully, “Good evening to you too sir.” This was a different side of her that Syd has never seen before. Her warm smile and joyful eyes was a contrast to her sorrowful demeanor the night Syd first spotted her in the crowd. Nick and Rick stroll over to the pair, “Well well,” Nick replies with a devilish grin, his attention to Allison “Who is this pretty young lass Syd?” “Nick. Rick.” quipped Syd, “I’d like you to meet Allison. Allison these are my bandmates Nick and Rick.” Nick flirtatiously grabs her hand, “I’m enchanted to make your acquaintance madam,” he gives a curtsy bow bellowing a small giggle to escape her lips. “Nice to meet you guys,” she replies shaking Rick’s hand. “Where’s Roger,” asks Syd, he notices the annoyed expression from them both, “… do I dare ask?” They both chuckled, “Said he had some ‘unfinished business’ to take care of and said that he’d meet us at the pub,” answers Rick.

Roger joins them minutes later along with Rick’s girlfriend Juliette. The mugs of ale fly across the table, nearly taking up the entire space on top. The group was laughing and speaking in drunken tongues as the ale flowed from their pint glasses. “So I says Roger,” the intoxicated words gush from Nick’s mouth, “Maybe if you got laid you wouldn’t be a tight arsed bloke all the time.” Roger lifts his two back fingers up to Nick, “Fuck you. You ugly sod.” The whole table erupts in drunken mirth including Roger. Allison struggles to lift herself up off of the table. “Excuse me gentlemen,” she says putting on a fake British accent, “I’ve got to go to the toilet.” The guys explode in hysterical fits nearly collapsing to the floor. “Hey can I join in?” bellows Syd in a buzzed daze. Juliette rises up next to Allison, “Ya wish pretty boy.” Another belt of masculine chuckles fill the pub as Allison and Juliet leave the table.

The girls were slanted over the sink retouching their make-up in the mirror. “So what do ya think of good old Syd?” Juliette asks applying her eyeliner, “Cute lad ain’t he?” Allison places her hair inside a tie, “… yeah,” she smiles, “he’s very cute!” A mischievous smile graces Juliette’s lips, “Well love, Rick tells me that Syd talks an awful lot about you.” A slight, coy smirk embellishes Allison’s face, her cheeks blushing a reddish hue. “Oy lass!” escapes a jolly tone from Juliette’s mouth, “Ya like him don’t ya?” Allison looks up at Juliette, nodding in a timid grace. “Yeah I like him.” “So then why don’t ya tell him?” Juliette walks around Allison heading for the exit. Allison hunkers over the sink, staring upon her reflection in a conflicting daze. Her attraction for Syd intensified since she met him at the park yesterday… but she wondered how long could she hold off what she has been hiding from him.

Allison and Juliette retreat back to the table to sit back down. Juliette wraps her arms around Rick while observing the flirtatious antiques exchanging between Syd and Allison. She smiled in awe with their heads close together whispering and giggling like little kids telling each other secrets. Syd’s eyes gaze down to Allison’s arm and notices something unsettling beneath her sleeve. With her in an inattentive state, he gently lifts her sleeve up to reveal a hideous purple bruise wrapped around her arm close to her wrist. Allison detects him staring upon her wound with an inquisitive demeanor and quickly pulls her sleeve down. “Where did you get that?“ Allison sits briefly in a timid trance. She knew had to think of something to relinquish his suspicions. “Uh… it got caught in the door. I didn’t realize that I was about to shut it on my arm.” His uncertainties did not quell from her reason. Why would someone close a door on their arm without noticing?

With Nick and Roger nearly blacking out from the amount of alcohol they consumed, the group decided to call it a night. Syd and Rick carry their two drunken bandmates out to Nick’s car. Everyone hops in the car as Rick starts the engine, pulling away from the side of the street and driving off. The two fairly sober ones of the bunch help Nick and Roger out of the car and carry them inside their flat. After leaving the two plastered on the couch in an intoxicated slumber, Syd and Rick drive back to their flat with Allison and Juliette in the backseat giggling in drunken merriment.

“I think Nick’s bullocks are gonna drop off when he wakes up and sees the car’s not there.” Syd laughs as Rick pulls up to the side of the street in front of their flat. Rick pulls the car into gear, “Don’t worry mate,” he replies walking towards the backseat to pull Juliette out, “I left a note pinned to him explaining that I’ve got his ride and I’ll return it tomorrow.” Syd jumps out of the car and opens the door behind to let Allison out. “Well I think the misses and I are gonna turn in.” says Rick with his grasp on his barely conscious lady, “What are you two gonna do?” Syd and Allison leaned up against the car with their hips touching. “Dunno,” retorts Syd looking at Allison, “What would you like to do?” Allison looks up at him, “Good question.” She looks over at Rick, “You two go on in. I promise we won’t disturb you.” Rick moves backward with his drunken Juliette still wrapped in his arms and opens the door. “Alright you two. Don’t get into trouble,” he laughed and closes the front door behind them. Syd and Allison stand there for a silent minute, pondering on where the night will take them.

“So what do you want to do?” Syd asks. “Is there a place we can walk to?” she replies. “Well there’s a small park just a couple blocks from here.” “Let’s go!” Allison begins to march off until Syd disrupts her, “It’s a long walk. Why don’t we take my bike?” The corner of her eye catches a bike sprawled out on the lawn with a steel basket on the front and a bell on the right handlebar. “That seat doesn’t look big enough for two.” Syd reaches down to his bike and kicks the stand up, “Don’t worry I’ve had people get on the back of it. It’s not as small as you might think.” Syd hops on the seat with his legs to the ground walking it towards her, “Climb on.” Still reluctant on the idea, Allison lifts her leg over the bike and is shocked to discover that her bottom had enough space to sit. “Hang on,” he motions to her placing his feet on the pedals. She holds a tight grip around his stomach as they ride off down the street. The cool breeze swept over their hair as Syd increased the speed of his peddling. “Syd,” screeches the uneasiness from her throat, burrowing her head in his back, “Don’t tip us over.” Syd closes his eyes, relishing in the feeling of her face buried in his neck. “Don’t worry,” he softly remarks, “ I won’t let go.”

After parking his bike, they stroll off soaking in the twilight sky. “Oh look,” Allison squeals, “ A swing.” The two run towards the playground in the middle of the park’s grounds. She playfully jumps on the swing as Syd stands behind, pushing her up towards the sky. She closes her eyes letting the fresh zephyr and tranquil reverie wash over her. She has not experienced the sense of elation in a long time. Being with Syd, she has never felt so warm and safe. Safe from the hell she faced everyday in the confines of her own home. It is this secret she keeps locked away for fear of destroying everything they have together.

Syd’s eyes gleam with reverence watching her rocket towards the sky and come down. She was so alluring to him, like an angel dancing with heaven and earth. Yet somehow he cannot shake the horrific dream from the night before and the ghastly bruise on Allison‘s arm. His nightmarish visions couldn’t possibly be some sort of premonition could it? He shakes his head in incredulity at the thought of it. What if she is telling the truth? Then he’d really look like a complete asshole.

Syd reaches down to pluck an iris from the ground and cusps it in his hand. “Syd,” shouts Allison as she lowers herself to the ground, “Yeah?” he replies. “Catch me!” she leaps out of the swing and tackles him to the ground. They tumble down the small hill in an embrace screaming like school children on a carnival ride. Syd lands on top of Allison at the bottom of the hill, they cackle with arms entwined together. The giggle fits come to a halt as they struggle to catch their breath. “Here,” Syd lifts his arm up to hand her the iris. “Awww,” she coos, “You’re so sweet. Thank you!” She quickly lifts her head up and kisses his cheek with a look of surprise clasping his face. They sat in silence, their eyes lock together, sending electrical currents throughout their bodies. Clasping his hand on her cheek, Syd leans into her and plants a gentle kiss upon her lips. She lies back, her skin tingling from the sublime sensation. “Syd,” she whispers blissfully, her fingers caressing the velvet surface of his jacket. He leans over her and brushes his lips against hers for another tender kiss, both absorbing in the softness of each others lips. She surrenders herself, letting her lips part for his tongue to slip in and explore her mouth.

Allison nestles back in the cool wet grass, her fingers entangled in his supple locks. Syd savors the sweet taste of her mouth as he glides his hands down to unbutton the top half of her blouse and unclasps the front of her bra. A voice in her head screams, commanding her to stop him from going any further, fearing the secret that she has been hiding from him will be exposed. Yet another voice urges her to succumb to her utmost burning desire for him. Her will surrenders, too aroused by his warm touch, he pushes her bra apart exposing her bosom to the cold night air. Rapture awashes his body, relishing in the soft skin of her breasts within his hands. He leaves feathery kisses upon the nape of her neck, trailing his right hand further down to the top of her jeans. He unfastens the button and pulls the zipper of her bellbottoms down. The voice comes crushing back into her skull, “He’ll know! He’ll know! Just wait for him to pull your shirt off and see everything!” “No! Give into your pleasure. He’s too into you to care. He’ll never see them.”

Syd envelopes her mouth, his tongue aching to taste its saccharine flavor. He burrows his hand deeper into her pants and edges them down slightly. Allison’s hands slither against the velvety fabric of his coat as his fingers gently stroke her like his guitar. A deep moan escapes her throat feeling his two fingers enter her. She writhes in ecstasy feeling his tepid mouth upon the soft peeks of her breasts and his fingers penetrating her down below, slick with her own essence. “Oh Syd,” she pants gently with her eyes closed in seventh heaven, “Don’t stop!” Her pleas increase in a wild passion with his fingers increasing in friction and speed. Her moans intensify in volume and her muscles stiffen. “Syd,” she screams over and over as the orgasm floods her body like a tsunami. He pulls out and lusciously licks her wetness off of his fingers and places his head upon her chest. He wraps his arms around her, holding her tight against him. Syd drifts off in a trance, listening to the beats of her heart. Allison lets out a deep sigh with her hands around his shoulders. She never felt more safe and secure being encased within his affectionate clutch. As far as they were both concerned, if the world were to end right now they wouldn’t heed it.

After buttoning up her blouse and jeans, Syd lifts Allison up off the ground. The two walk back to his bike hand in hand. She wraps her arms around him as he peddles his bike back to his flat. Her face burrows into his back nearly drifting off to sleep. “Thank you!” she says softly. I know in time I will return the favor.
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