Lindsey (lady_ash2112) wrote in syd_barrett,

Bruises and Butterflies part 5

Type: Hetero
Member: Syd
Rating: R (for sexual content and foul language)

I give you the conclusion.

Rick rubs the drunken slumber from his eyes walking down the hall. An electrical spark joggles him awake as the sounds of Syd’s screams pierce his ears. “Syd!” he yells dashing for the bathroom door. “Help me!” Syd’s deathly cries bounce off the door, “Somebody help me!” The panic surges through Rick, his best friend was in serious danger and the door was locked. “Syd,” he bangs on the door madly, “Open the door Syd!” His cries are unanswered, in a desperate attempt to save his closest friend, Rick kicks at the door with immense force. The door is rocked off it’s hinge and Rick bolts through. Syd is sprawled out on the tiled floor, thrashing his arms and legs like he was possessed. Rick clutches the feverish guitarist in his hands, “Syd,” he screams, “Syd! It‘s Rick! Wake up!” He slaps Syd across the face hard enough to jolt him back to reality. Wide eyed, his lips quivering, Syd’s eyes lock onto his friend, “Rick?” he stutters, “Oh Rick!” He quickly tackles him with his frigid arms clenched firmly around his bandmate. “I didn’t mean to do it Rick!“ his trembling mass slumped in his friend like a babe in arms, “I didn‘t mean it.” Juliette appears in the doorway, her mouth agape with her eyes peering at the chaos that trashed the room, “Babe,” he replies trying to stay as calm as he could, “Will you get me an ice pack and the bottle of brandy out of the cabinet?”

Rick carries the frigid mass of his best friend and sets him on the couch. Juliette hands a clump of ice wrapped in a towel, the liquor bottle and a tumbler to Rick. Syd grips at the sides of his temples in a despondent gaze as Rick pours the brandy into the glass. “Here,” he hands the glass over for Syd to grasp onto. In a couple of gulps, the warm liquor cascades down his throat, its heat fills his stomach. The alcohol courses through his veins bringing him into a more collective state. “All better now?” Rick asks coolly, Syd quickly nods taking in deep slow breaths, “Yeah. Thank you!” Rick hands the ice pack to Syd. He winces and gasps in pain as he placed the pack on his swollen knuckles. “What happened lad?” Without hesitation, Syd tells Rick everything that has happened to him; from the horrific nightmares to Allison’s confession. “I didn’t mean to push her away Rick,” the tears slowly trickle down his cheek. Rick wraps his arm around the fragile Syd, “I know mate… listen, Allison needs to get the hell out of there. She can stay with us if she has nowhere else to go. Juliette and I certainly enjoy her company.”

There was a bang on the door, Rick lifts himself off of the couch. “Look,” he says walking towards the door, “Everything’s going to be alright.” He opens the door to Allison standing on the porch dripping wet from the rain. Her hand was clasped against the side of her mouth and nose. Her face freshly soaked with tears, her eyeliner streamed down her cheeks in blackened streaks. “Can I see Syd?” she mutters. Rick never realized how chaotic the situation was until his somber eyes laid upon her rigid body. “Of course,” he opens the door wide enough for her to enter. Her legs wobble with every step she took, Rick follows her closely. Syd releases his head from his hands and casts his gaze upon her fragile beauty. “Allison,” he sighs, “I…” she pulls her hand away from her face. Blood gushed from her one nostril and out of the gash on her lip, seeping down her chin. His fingers pursed against his lips, a stuttered gasp escapes his mouth, “…Oh god!” She stumbles forward with a desolate whimper. Rick rushes forward but Syd catches her in time from colliding with the floor. He gathers her up and transports her to the sofa. Her limp body pressed against his chest as he cradles her, rocking her back and forth. The tears stream down his face leaving watery deposits on his cheeks. He unzips her damp coat, “Help me take this off,” he motions to Rick as his friend helped pull her jacket off.

Syd’s stomach retched, bringing up the sour bile taste in his mouth. He closed his eyes and buries his head into her shoulder, unable to look down. His suspicious revealed its hideous countenance upon his eyes. Her arms were covered in scratch marks, speckled blood stained her skin. It was just like the dream. Her upper extremities lacerated beyond repair, luckily the gashes were not deep. Rick and Juliette look down, Rick winces from the ghastly sight. Juliette clasps her hands to her mouth, blocking the horrific scream from erupting. “Rick,” Syd replies, “Could you get me a warm wash cloth?” Rick nods leaving the room, he returns with a damp cloth handing it to Syd. “We should get her to the hospital,” Rick responds. Allison shakes her head firmly, “No,” she cries adamantly, “I’m alright.” Syd lifts his head from off her shoulder, “Can you guys leave?“ he quietly mutters, “I’d like to be alone with Allison for a bit. If that’s alright.” Rick grabs Juliette by the hand, “Of course mate,” he drags his girlfriend passed them. He stops at the doorway and turns around, “Let us know if you need anything,” with that said the two exit the room.

They sit in silence, their arms wrapped around each other in a tender embrace. Somehow Syd’s gentle hold melted away the intense pain that surged through Allison’s skin. “Oh god babe,” he whimpered as he wipes the blood from her nose and mouth, “I’m so sorry.” She lifts her head up, her sad sparkling eyes penetrate his soul. He brushes the long strands of hair away from her neck. His eyes sting at the visual impact, two hand imprints upon her neck were visible. He struggled to keep his body from shaking. She slowly lifts her hand up to her throat, alternating between laughing and crying hysterically. “He tried to kill me Syd!” she sobs, “He tried to kill me!” The seething rage wells up inside him, spilling out of the pores of his body. He knew exactly what he was going to do but was so blinded by sheer wrath.

He lifts her out of his lap and rushes to the closet to pull his coat out. “What are you doing?” she mutters. She observes him quickly dashing towards the drawer of the kitchen counter to open it. Her eyes light up in distress, a pair of brass knuckles were holstered in his grasp. He quickly places the knuckles in the inside pocket of his jacket. She leaps out of the couch, rushing towards him heading for the front door. “No Syd!” she screamed, standing in front of the door with her arms out, “Don’t do it!” He quickly pushes her to the side with a gentle shove. He glares at her with scorching fire emitting from his wild eyes, hidden slightly by his bangs, “That fucking bastard is going to die tonight,” he says quietly in a tone riddled with pure anger. He opens the door with his back to her, “… and no one is going to stop me.” “Syd!” she pleads but he slams the door before she could another word could escape her trembling lips. She stood there too stunned to move, her mouth agape in disbelief. She has never seen Syd so angry. Angry to the point where he would kill someone. The worrisome thoughts flood her head. She’s seen first hand the violence that John was capable of causing. John would kill if he was forced to and she couldn’t fathom seeing beautiful Syd’s lifeless body beaten and bloodied beyond recognition.

“Rick!” Allison cries out in desolation. Rick comes rushing out of the bedroom with Juliette not far behind him. She looks behind her to see them both standing in the doorway. “Syd’s gone!” “I told you we should have called the police.“ Juliette retorts. Rick lifts Allison by her arm up off the sofa, “Come on!” he quips dragging her to the closet and grabbing their coats. “It’s a good thing I’ve got Nick’s car.” He quickly grabs the keys out of his jacket pocket. He opens the door with Allison behind him. He turns around to Juliette, “If Nick and Roger call, tell him we’re sleeping and if we’re not home in an hour call the authorities.” Allison rushes to the passenger side and opens the door while Rick locks up. Jumping into the car, he slams the shifter in reverse pulling the car backwards and races down the street.

“Oh god Rick! I knew I shouldn‘t have told him where I live!” Allison cries out with her knee up on the seat, her thumb nail pressed against her clenched teeth. “He’ll kill Syd! I just know it!” “… you greatly underestimate him.” he replies, his hands clutching the steering wheel.
“What do you mean?”
“Let me tell you a story about the great Syd Barrett. He may look meek and small but he’s quite strong. Syd the Soldier is what we called him back in school. There was this guy that Syd’s sister was dating. Seemed like he really fancied her… but we had no idea what was really going on.” Allison looks at Rick attentively, “After a playful fight, Syd noticed bruises on Rosemary’s arm. Then one day, us lads decided to help Syd in spying on them. We followed them to this hill. Syd sneaks up under the car to look inside and witnesses that monster ripping her clothes off. She begged him to stop but he kept striking her in the face.”
“… so what happened?”
“He pulled the car door open and threw the guy on to the ground. We couldn’t believe it. The fact that a young boy weighing in at nine stones could lift a husky built man off of someone was baffling.”
“… and then?”
“It was like witnessing a massacre. He wailed on the guy with such brute force. The guy didn’t even have time to take a swing. He just lied there getting clobbered by Syd’s fists. By the time we reached him and pulled him off… the guy was knocked out cold. His face was beaten to a bloody pulp. His nose was smashed in his skull. All Syd could mutter was ’no man ever lies his hand upon a woman that way’”
“… was he arrested?”
“No, the bloke was too frightened by Syd to press charges. After that, every time he ran into Rosemary he would run the opposite direction.”
“… wow.”
“Yeah, you’re a lucky girl to have someone like Syd to protect you.”

Syd pedals his bike at feverish speed, his hair flaying madly against the breeze in a violent duel. He grips the handle bars, the rage still splash his eyes, emanating a scorching flame of hate. He couldn’t wait to hurt this monster. He didn’t care if he has to endure the consequences of his actions. All he wanted was for this psycho to suffer in sheer agony, to feel the immense pain he inflicted upon his beloved Allison. His hatred prospered, filling his veins with it’s burning heat from every image of her lacerations flashing in his head. He thinks he is doing the right thing. That this is his way of paying Allison back for his bitter reaction and forcing her to be victimized again.

He pears up the street and stops the bike dead in its tracks. He pulls himself back and looks up at the street number, 504. This was it! He jumps off his bike, leaving it to collide against the front lawn in a mangled heap. He rips the pair of brass knuckles out of his pocket, reaching his hand in to ready it as he zealously marches up the front steps. He bangs on the door, panting wildly. “ALRIGHT YOU BUGGAR! I’M COMING!” erupts a drunken shriek from the other side. The voice creeps over Syd’s skin, rendering the hate to course through his veins at accelerating levels. The door bolts open. John glares upon Syd’s rigid body, his hand gripped the edge of the wall with his livid gaze fixated on him. “You John?” John’s lip curls into a seething sneer, revealing his rotting teeth, “Yeah. And who the fuck are you?”

The welled up abhorrence contained in Syd releases its energy from out of his fist gracing John’s jaw with a quick blow. The punch sends him flying back through the door and onto the floor. Before John could raise himself up, Syd leaps downward like a madman grabbing him by the collar. His teeth clenched tightly together as he lifts John up and firmly pins him against the wall. The fire in Syd’s eyes light up with pure intensity, “You fucked with the wrong girl,” the blistering shrill escapes his throat. He throws John across the room with incredible strength, knocking him into the table in the dining room. With the table in a jumbled pile beneath him, John grabs the empty liquor bottle breaking the edge of it against the wall. “You’re fucking dead boy!” he sneers lunging at Syd with the half broken bottle clutched in his deadly grip. Syd’s back careens against the floor with John’s body leaning over him. Syd grimaces as he struggles to keep John from lowering the jagged edge of the bottle. “I’m gonna cut your pretty little face into ribbons.” A serrated tip pierces the outer surface of Syd’s cheek, he howls and kicks John off of him. His green eyes still ablaze with fury, he wipes the trickling blood off of his check. An angry war cry emits from his throat as he charges at John.

Rick and Allison pull up to the driveway and swiftly get out. The sounds of screams and breaking glass grace their ears as they run up the steps. They instantly open the door to reveal the pandemonium that appeared before them. Broken furniture and glass are sprawled out on the floor leaving a trail of devastation. Syd and John bounce off in chaotic directions, their fists colliding against each other. “Syd!” Allison screams, trying desperately to get his attention but he either couldn’t hear her by the muffled screams or he didn’t want to. She watched in horror as the two foes lock together with a menacing force. “Stop it!” she pleads. Allison cries out Syd’s name repeatedly while Rick readies himself to reach for him, waiting on the right moment that doesn’t put him at risk for serious injury. Allison clasps her hands to her ears and shuts her eyes. She’s had enough. She couldn’t stand there and watch Syd end up the victim of John‘s brutal attacks. She runs past Rick and out the door sobbing hysterically. There was no time left to wait, Rick had to get Syd’s attention and fast. He leaps down, grasping onto the quaking body of his friend and pulls him backwards. John lied upon the floor nearly unconscious, his face smashed in, choking on his saliva. Syd’s lips were curled in a heated state, blood trickled from his nose and mouth along with the puncture mark on his cheek. Another war cry escapes his larynx, blood spraying from his mouth as he writhes against Rick’s firm grasp. “That’s enough,” Rick yells tugging him back. Syd leans over Rick’s arms and spits blood tinged saliva upon his defeated opponent before bolting out the door. Rick looks down upon the twisted mound of John’s battered body, “Syd the soldier strikes again.”

Syd runs out into the street, his body twisted in a state of panic. “Allison,” he screams frantically, the freezing wind thrash against his hair. His search leads him to the park that he and Allison converged upon a few hours ago. “Allison,” he calls out again slowing his speed down to a walk. He cringes irritably, grasping the dark feathery locks on the side of his head, “God damn it Syd!” an aggravated cry erupts from his mouth, “You are so bloody stupid!” He turns the corner to find Allison sitting against a willow tree two feet away from him. Her face was lowered to the ground, her long black hair streamed down her forehead. Her body twisted in a rigid state inanimately like a statue. He stands before her, this beautiful but sad lady, his chagrin intensifies. “Allison?” he softly whispers. Her head slowly raises up from the ground. His heart aches with her somber, tear drenched face upon him. “Why Syd?” a faint plea seeps from her lips, “Why did you do it? How can you be so reckless?” Silence grips onto him rendering him speechless. The words could not form within his thought processes. What could he say? He knew that he did something incredibly foolish but he couldn’t bring himself to admit it. All he wanted was to ensure her that no one would ever hurt her again. To show her that he could love her more than the bastard that harmed her time and time again.

The tears well up in Syd’s eyes as he struggles to keep from breaking down. “I’m sorry if I care,” he whimpers loudly. “All I wanted was to protect you.” Her eyes glaze upon his sorrowful countenance, listening to his desperate words. “Just seeing what he did to you…it… it killed me inside. I got angry. Angry at myself for being stubborn. Angry at him. I wanted him to suffer for the hell he put you through.” His eyes sting from holding back his tears. “You want to know why I did it?“ He winces as his emotions explode out of him with vicious force, “Because GOD DAMN IT ALLISON I LOVE YOU!” Bracing his arms against his face he sobs violently, “I love you so bloody much it hurts!” She closes her eyes in shame, his distressed cries gnawed at her insides. She wanted to run up to him and kiss his pain away. To tell him that she loved him more than words could say but the strong emotions she felt had it’s firm hold on her. Wiping the tears from his face, he walks up to her and drops a rolled up sheet of paper in her lap. “If you never want to see me again, I’ll understand but I‘m not sorry for what I did.” Before walking away, he turns his head to her, “…and I hope one day you‘ll find it in your heart to forgive me.”

The clouds above burst open, drowning everything below in it’s saturating sadness. Allison wraps her hands around the sheet of paper, unfolding it. A desolate moan erupts from her delicate throat, the tears explode out of her eyes like a virulent geyser. It was the sketch of her that he had been working on in the park. She was lying in a field of flowers in a white sundress with a bright smile beaming from her lips. The intricate details in the drawing were miraculous. It was the most stunning portrait she has ever laid her eyes upon. This was it, she thought to herself. There’s no holding back. She couldn’t let this beautiful and charismatic man walk out of her life. She jumps up, “SYD!” she shouts, “… I LOVE YOU TOO!” He stops dead in his tracks and slowly turns around to face her, his green hazel eyes wide with disbelief. “What?” he replies, the unreal tone clasping his voice. She flashes that radiant smile that driven his mad desire for her, “I said I love you too,” she laughs.

With a rapid flash, Syd run towards her, the rain cascades upon their drenched bodies. He gleefully lifts her up with a tight grip, swinging her around. There lips lock together with scorching passion emanating from their mouths, tongues entwined with ardent hunger. Their arms wrapped in a fiery embrace, rabidly stroking each other, panting wildly. He grasps the sides of her head letting his fingers entangle within her dampened tresses. “I love you,” he gasps fervently, nuzzling her nose repeating the phrase with famine. “I love you,” she sighs, basking in his delicate kisses upon her face, lips and neck. She quivers, running her hands through his sopping dark locks. Her lips tenderly graze the soft, soaked skin of his neck as he nestles his face into her shoulder, inhaling her sweet aroma. They stand there enfolded in each other’s arms for what seemed like an eternity, like two lovers reunited after a painful separation. A car horn blares in the distance, breaking the peaceful silence. Syd and Allison peer over, still locked into each other. Rick was looking out the car window, “Come on lovebirds,” he shouts, all three giggle with gaiety, “Let’s go home.”

The rain poured down, its drops hitting the metal foundation of the car with malevolent force. Rick’s focus was on the road in front of him while Syd and Allison held each other in the backseat. Her fingers graze the puncture mark on his cheek, a faint trail of blood plastered his skin. His body jolts from the stinging pain. “I’m sorry,” she replies, leaning down to pull a handkerchief from her purse. “That’s quite alright,” he replies, “I’ve had worse.” She blots the cloth with her tongue. “Good god Syd,” she gently wipes the dried up blood from his cheek, “you’re lucky he didn’t slice your face open.” He looks up at her with his big doe eyes, “Yeah well the bastard’s lucky to be breathing.” “Yeah I can attest to that,” Rick replies. “Boy Syd you practically turned him into a bleeding rubbish pile.” “Yeah while the fucker deserved it.” “Oh shit!“ she retorts worriedly, “I forgot my stuff.“ “Don’t worry luv,” Rick replies. “Everything’s been taken care of. While you two lovebirds were kissing and making up, I managed to grab your belongings and pack them in the trunk.” A sense of relief washes over her, a pleased smile clasps across her lips. “Thanks Rick. You’re the best!” A chuckle emits from his mouth, “Anything for my best mate’s girl!” Syd leans in towards her, his plump lips grasp her mouth hungrily. Their tongues dance fiercely with every quivering touch as they struggle to refrain from ripping each other’s clothes off. “Hey Hey!” Rick bellows, “Wait until we get home. I don’t want to have to explain to Nick about the stains in the back of his car.” A ardent chuckle erupts from their throats as they pull up until the driveway.

Juliette runs out the front door and latches onto Allison, “Oh thank heavens you’re alright.” Rick grabs her arm, “Come on babe. Let’s leave these two love stricken kids,” he winks at Allison and Syd before pulling Juliette through the door and disappearing. Allison turns around to face the car, “I better get my stuff.” She takes a step forward, Syd seizes her arm with a firm but gentle grip, flipping her towards him. With a devilish twinkle in his eyes, he slowly shakes his head. “That can wait,” he retorts with a cheeky smile, gently pulling her through the door. With his hand clutched in her delicate grasp, he leads her down the hall. She walks through the doorway, ogling the musical and artistic artifacts that adorned his room. She gazes upon the guitar holstered against a small amp in the corner. Her first sight of him on stage sparked an intense memory. From that day, she felt the intense attraction surge within her blood. From her first experience watching his performance, she yearned to get close to him. She wondered if he was as passionately romantic in the flesh as he was in his music. Her senses reeled in the endless possibility that a beautiful man like him could love her for everything she was.

Standing behind her, he wraps his arms around her dainty frame. The intense sentiments erupt from the pit of her gut with every rapid thump of his heart against her back. He lowers his head to her ear, listening to her silent weeps. “Allison?” he whispers softy, “What is it?” She turns around to face him with tears streaming down her cheeks, a heartfelt gasp bellows from her throat. “You gave me back a piece of happiness… I… I don’t know how to thank you.” Syd lightly presses his finger to her lips and lets out a soft hush. His tender eyes gazed into her tear soaked orbits, shaking his head delicately. “Don’t say anything of that sort,” he whispers softly. She closes her eyes, his lips graze her cheeks, kissing the tears off of her face. “You‘re here and that‘s all that matters to me,” he nestles his façade into her hair, inhaling her sweet essence. “Oh but look at me Syd,” she cries out, “these bruises, these scratches... I’m a monster!” He delicately lifts her arms to his face, letting his nose and lips grace the purple and red edges. “Now you‘re not,” he retorts mellifluously, “You’re beautiful.” A deep sigh escapes her lips, she felt the marks liquefy off of her skin with every kiss upon the discolored surface of her arms and neck. “I love you Allison.” With her eyes still shut, her senses reel in ecstasy, “I love you too Syd.”

A bright light cascades from the heavens above, bathing Syd and Allison in its golden radiance. Their bodies writhe in between the sheets, their hands exploring every inch of each other with their tongues embracing in fiery famine. His mouth trails down to her neck, suckling and licking its velvety exterior. Her hands clasp against the back of his head letting her fingers become lost within his dark, feathery tresses. His hungry mouth envelopes her engorged breast. His tongue dances along the edges of her nipple while his hands absorb the softness of her bosom. With a beaming flash, a loud gasp escapes her throat, feeling his heated tongue explore the folds of her searing flesh, savoring her secreting nectar. Another flicker renders her sitting upon him, her hair flowing in slow motion. He basks in the ecstatic sensation of his throbbing member encased within her. With another spark of light, they lie in the bed with their eyes lock in a loving embrace. Draped in each others arms they plant sugary kisses upon each others lips. They were finally together as one.

Syd opens his eyes and raises himself up. The light of the moon enveloped his frame in its lunar glow. His body aches with the realization that what he experienced was just another dream. He turns his head to the right. His body jolts, their within his astonished sight was Allison nestled in the sheets with her body turned to his side of the bed. He relishes in the vision of her for a moment, his optical senses take in her glowing nude frame and the serene expression of his sleeping beauty. Looking like an angel seemed like an understatement to him. He lowers himself onto the bed and encloses his arms around her, pulling her close to him. The feel of her warm skin enhances his over joyous senses. The woman of his dreams was really here, cradled in his arms. He closes his eyes with a lustrous smile clasping his countenance, he leans down to deposit a few kisses upon her cheek and forehead. Before the slumber awashes his body, a soft whisper emits from his mouth, “Thank you god.”
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